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The Operation "Ire"

The Operation " Ire "  or the story of the wise and bold King  A wicked man displays a bold face,  But as for the upright, he makes his way sure. Proverbs 21:29 "My heart is full of rage", said the King.  "You put my sailors on their knees and humiliated them and my country, just like you did so many times before. I do not need any pretext to start a war with you. However, being a Christian and merciful King, a servant of Hashem and his son, and a follower of their rules, I give you three days to offer your most sincere and deepest apologies, standing on your knees and prostrating yourselves before me. If you do not do this, you and your minions will be destroyed, imprisoned, and sold into slavery; your houses of governance and houses of worship will be reduced to rubble, your daughters will be raped and your sons will be castrated and made into my slaves, working in my fields."  He also gave the orders to his generals to conclude the n