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NYT: A New Director or a New Direction?

Room for Debate: A New Director or a New Direction? from NYT > Opinion Should changes be made in the way the agency is run and the way intelligence is gathered and used? Updated December 3, 2012 9:59 PM A New Director or a New Direction? Debaters Transform the Agency’s Whole Structure Tim Weiner, author, "Legacy of Ashes" Demilitarize the C.I.A. Gordon Adams and Jennifer E. Sims, Former intelligence officials A 10-Year Term, Without the Politics Bruce Riedel, Brookings Institution Restore Reliability and Accountability Melvin A. Goodman, Former C.I.A. analyst Stick to the Basic Tasks It Was Created For Vicki Divoll, Former C.I.A. legal adviser New Abilities for New Needs David F. Gordon, Former National Intelligence Council head Focus on Officers, Not the Media Amy Zegart, Hoover Institution Introduction Pool photo by Dennis Brack The lobby of th