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France's Hollande, in Moscow, urges grand coalition against Islamic State | Reuters | How to Carve a Turkey | Islamic State Unfazed by Losses in Iraq, Syria | Putin, Hollande to Meet as Russia Penalizes Turkey Over Jet - Bloomberg Business | Pope Says Christian-Muslim Dialogue Essential for Peace - | No Known Terror Threat to U.S. Before Thanksgiving, Obama Says - | Atlanta Police: Ex-Boxing Champion O'Neil Bell Fatally Shot - ABC News - 2:00 PM 11/26/2015

How to Carve a Turkey 2015 Thanksgiving Show Two hot old turkeys fight. Applause, applause and many thanks!  They are no "Honest" and they are no "Abe" . No pardons for them, Mr. Obama!  There are striking similarities between Erdogan’s Turkey and Putin’s Russia , not least their ability and propensity to move conflicts into the covert arena. While Russia’s intervention in Syria  may have cynical intent , the Turks are acting in support of their national interests in Syria with equal ruthlessness. Ankara is often guilty of neglecting attacks on Isis and hitting the Kurds (who are in so many ways the most effective force against the jihadists) instead,  smuggling weapons  in the guise of humanitarian convoys (something we saw the Russians doing in Ukraine), and being willing to support groups which are often jihadist in their own terms. Turkish military intelligence organisation (MIT) is every bit as cynically opportunist as the Russian military sp