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Russi did it! | » BBC News - Jerusalem lorry attacker 'was IS supporter' - 09/01/17 02:56

Russi did it:  Armon Hanatziv: Arm on; Ha natziv: "Arm on ("get armed"...); Hey, native! (or "nazi")"  Fadi Qunbar: Fa di Qun bar: "Fucking die, kuhn  (bold) bar!" (reference to a long shape of Israel's land)  Jabel Mukaber: Ja bel Muka ber: "Jay belle, ("a beautiful Jew"), muka ("pain" in Russian) bearer (sufferer) - бери ("take it" in Russian)  And Russi did this too:  israel - Google Search Monday January 9 th , 2017  at  12:07 PM 1 Share The Guardian Israeli  Embassy Official Plotted to 'Take Down' UK Politicians New York Times - Jan 8, 2017 LONDON — In a deeply embarrassing episode revealed on Sunday, a senior employee of the  Israeli  Embassy in Britain was recorded plotting ... Israeli  diplomat who plotted against MPs also set up political groups International - The Guardian - 21 hours ago View all It is obvious. And the g