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The Political and Geopolitical Games of Fear and Anger: Do mass shootings increase Trump's election chances?

______________________________________ "But there is a more sinister purpose to Trump’s political art: He validates deeply embedded fears and anger that many Americans feel, especially in this time of economic uncertainty, heightened geopolitical tensions and terrorist attacks in the United States and across the globe. He knows well that fear and anger are powerful emotions that can be manipulated beyond all rational thought. Trump's television expertise has served him well in American politics, but it won't last. Fear plus anger equals votes. Add in some screaming and shouting to win ratings, and Trump's popularity becomes quite simple. His television expertise has served him well in American politics."  Trump's Popularity Reflects Fear, Anger and a Desire to Be Entertained Q.  What is the ideal emotional state for countries, and/or for the world, going forward? A.  If collective entities like cultures and nations can be analyzed through the p