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» The FBI has no idea how many hate crimes happen in America each year 19/06/15 13:52 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

AP Top News at 11:48 a.m. EDT Friday June 19 th , 2015  at  2:12 PM TheUnion Local.Com | TheUnion.Com 1 Share AP Top News at 11:48 a.m. EDT The latest on church shooting: Mayor discusses death penalty 11:40 a.m. Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr. says that though he's not a proponent of the death penalty, it's the law in South Carolina and he expects it will be sought in the church shooting that killed nine people. World shocked at enduring racism, gun violence in US BEIJING (AP) - Often the target of U.S. human rights accusations, China wasted little time returning such charges following the shooting at a historic black church in South Carolina that left nine people dead. Elsewhere, the attack renewed perceptions that Americans have too many guns and have yet to overcome racial tensions. Some said the attack reinforced their reservations about personal security in the U.S. - particularly as a non-white foreigner - while others