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Andreas Lubitz, Germanwings co-pilot, described as ‘normal young man’ - video by Guardian Staff | "One friend Andreas Lubitz called Tobias Kru, aka Tobias Heisig, and this friend works the Bundeswehr. No doubt the German investigators will they be interested in this bond of friendship." - Who was the first officer who voluntarily A320 crashed?

M.N.: The following are just some curious references which might or might not contain the truth. It is not their purpose to imply anything. The lead to these references was published in the mainstream press:  " Lubitz travelled to the Las Marenas Resort in Miami with a male friend in November 2011. A Facebook post from the time stated that he and his friend were enjoying sunbathing and swimming." I simply copied the original article were the details: the name of his companion was given: " Who was the first officer who voluntarily crashed A320?"  and included some corresponding Google Searches. It might or might not be some deliberate disinformation, this is for the investigation to determine. However this piece of information seems to be significant enough to pay the close attention to: it might (or might not) be some connection with the accident if this "male friend", referred to in this article as " Tobias Kru, alias Tobias Heisig" was ind