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Who created the Islamic State? | Former CIA spy: Obama doesn't understand how to fight ISIS

Who created the Islamic State? George W. Bush, Blackwater, Barack Obama, all fair game in blame game. Tuesday June 2 nd , 2015  at  6:24 PM Christian Science Monitor | USA 1 Share Who created the Islamic State? Last week, Sen. Rand Paul (R) of Kentucky  famously blamed the GOP.   The Wall Street Journal, in return, blamed Senator Paul.   President Obama has accused President Bush of creating the Islamic State , while  Hilary Clinton has pointed the finger at Mr. Obama . All the while various accounts have alternately condemned entities including  a US prison camp ,  Dick Cheney,   the Persian Gulf and Turkey,  and the  private military contractor formerly known as  Blackwater. Welcome to the Islamic State blame game, where a spin of the wheel finds a new perpetrator each week, finger-pointing is political point-scoring, and just about everyone, it seems, is fair game. Last week Paul revived the debate when he told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, &q