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Is Putin More Dangerous Than ISIS? | Baffling ‘odd’ gaps in California terror attack | Third Eyewitness To San Bernardino Shooting Says It Wasn’t ‘Terror Couple’ Who Carried Out Attack | The rewards of bottom fishing: SAN BERNARDINO SHOOTING: Speculation rampant; FBI divers find something, but don’t say what - The Press Enterprise - 9:36 PM 12/12/2015

The Dark Knight Putin Britain confronts Putin over repeated 'incursions' into UK airspace by Russian bombers | UK | News | Daily Express During his speech Mr Fallon also dismissed claims that Britain and Russia had made plans for "collaboration" over bombing campaigns against Islamic State (ISIS) in Syria and Iraq. Striking a more confrontational tone the Defence Secretary said there had been a "resurgence in Russian aggression" over the last five years which is threatening Western security.  He said: "This attempt in the Crimea and Ukraine to change international borders by force, the constant pressure on the Baltic states, the increase in long range aviation, the increase in submarine activity, means we have to regard now, sadly, Russia as more of a competitor and a threat that we have to take measures against, not least because of the increase in their own defence spending both on nuclear and conventional forces.”  "So, yes, Russ