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Vox Populi - #AskPOTUS: "Why are you such a racist? Why do you suck so bad? Why do you hate Christians?" | Hillary Pledges to Restore Faith, Confidence, Optimism in US Post-Obama | Lasers target multiple passenger airplanes - YouTube

Vox Populi: Why do you suck so bad? # AskPotus # AskPOTUS Why are you such a racist? How is it that the number of people on food stamps and the national debt has almost DOUBLED under your "leadership?" Total failure # AskPOTUS # AskPOTUS How will you get ISIL to use more eco-friendly fuel when they burn Christians alive? # AskPOTUS Why has your foreign policy amounted to such an abject failure? # AskPOTUS So when did you decide you wanted to be President and destroy America? Why do you not care about vets? # AskPOTUS # AskPOTUS When are you going to stop violating the Constitution? Why is climate more important to you than the slaughter of Christians by # ISIS # ISIL # Daesh ? # AskPOTUS # AskPOTUS Why do you hate Christians? # AskPOTUS Does it concern you that the oceans are being polluted by the blood of Christians beheaded by Islamic State on the beach? . # AskPOTUS why do you rationalize the violence of # Islam while attacking the morality of