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The Obama "Revolution"

M.N.: Obama's priority is his (not so secret) racial and social "revolution", which does not benefit black people and other ethic minority groups, whose equality I support absolutely and unconditionally (and do not even try to brand me as racist), but deceives and misleads them by exploiting these issues for political purposes:  "...t he current administration’s effort to subject America to a wholesale  transformation ", using this word as the euphemism denoting the lasting and possibly irreversible deep changes, social, political and cultural. This goal can only be achieved on a precondition of the relative stability abroad, which explains his withdrawal, avoidance of conflicts and isolationism on the world stage at the expense of America's stature and position in the world which, by his book are secondary to his domestic agenda by far. This, I think, explains the rationale behind his foreign policies of "leading from behind".  It is for lawm

The Last Great Stand » U.S. Judge Has Figured Out Obama Using D.H.S. as His Private Army

The Last Great Stand » U.S. Judge Has Figured Out Obama Using D.H.S. as His Private Army Tuesday March 31 st , 2015  at  6:45 PM The Last Great Stand 1 Share  WE’RE  NOT  THE ONLY ONES WHO NOTICED!!!! Here is a judge who "get it." He understands the Obama strategy. First and foremost, our active military only number about 1.5 million. We have the smallest military and military budget that we've had since pre-World War II days. Obama has not only gutted the military of bodies, he's seen to it that the top command posts are filled with "yes men" by relieving the vast majority of our top ranked generals and admirals and sending them packing. SEE THE LIST OF OF OVER 300 OFFICERS FIRED BY OBAMA! I can't seem to find an accurate count of active D.H.S. agents or "boots on the ground" if you will, however in dozens of my previous my posts I have documented where the D.H.S. in increasing in size and military ha