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"Ultimately, however, the success or failure of every National Security Council depends heavily on the command culture set by the president, the discipline and transparency of the NSC process itself, and the personalities and relationships of those sitting around the table in the White House Situation Room." - What Trump's Reshuffling of the National Security Council Means - Defense One

What Trump's Reshuffling of the National Security Council Means Monday January 30 th , 2017  at  9:51 PM Defense One - All Content 1 Share Subscribe Receive daily email updates: Subscribe to the Defense One daily. Be the first to receive updates. See also:  We Conservatives Warned You, Trump Will Not Get Better. Here’s What You Can Do. Read more:  ‘Even a Shining City on a Hill Needs Walls’: Senator Tom Cotton And don’t miss  5 Things to Know Before the  US  Reduces Its Role at the  UN Some of the most sensitive and sacrosanct decisions by the president are made in meetings of the National Security Council. One only has to ask: What precise expertise does Bannon, or any chief strategist, have to contribute to those meetings, if not to ensure that policy is shaped by political implications or considerations? It may be likely that Trump would consult Steve Bannon regardless, but giving him a formal seat at the  NSC  sends a chilling