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Russia Exploits US Weakness in Foreign Policy | Russia Deploying Air Force Contingent to Syria

Today's Headlines and Commentary   by Cody M. Poplin Tuesday September 1 st , 2015  at  4:42 PM Lawfare - Hard National Security Choices 1 Share We start today in Syria, where  Islamic State forces have moved closer into central Damascus , displacing other Syrian rebels in their wake.  According to the AFP , the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports that  “this is the closest IS has ever been to the heart of Damascus.”  A government military official confirmed the news, and celebrated the in-fighting among rebels group’s in the country’s capital. Away from the country’s political heartland,  the United Nations  has used satellite imagery to confirm that ISIS militants have indeed destroyed the Temple of Baal  in the ancient city of Palmyra. The temple building, which was nearly 2,000 years old, was the best preserved of the ruins at the site. Last week ISIS militants also destroyed another ancient building, the Temple of Baalshamin. Maa