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The Trump Dossier Is Fake -- And Here Are The Reasons Why | Trump's plan to dismember government - CNN | Everything We Know About Trumpland's Ties To Russia, From Start To Finish - The Huffington Post | Key members of Trump's circle under scrutiny for Russia ties - ABC - NewsTrump - News Review Update - 3.14.17

TRUMP NEWS REVIEW You apparently do not have JavaScript enabled on your browser lest you would be viewing an RSS Feed here from RSS Dog - "The leak of the dossier to everyone in the world  means it does not truly benefit Russian interests at all. Just leaking it and embarrassing the president-elect, with no real proof or ‘smoking gun’ evidence attached and no ulterior geostrategic purpose achieved, means this story will fade away and be replaced by some other titillating report. To a large degree, this has already happened. Thus, the Russians have lost what they hoped to be tremendous strategic leverage behind the scenes and down the road. Ergo, no victory for Putin. Americans still trying to position it as a victory for Putin are simply not astute in the ways of real geopolitics and strategy. And that applies even for the supposed Russian experts here in America, who do so much advising today to media and governmental elites. The current state of ‘Russian expertise