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Selected Posts - 10.15.16

Selected Posts - 10.15.16   by (Mike Nova) Saturday October 15 th , 2016  at  1:32 PM News Reviews And Opinions 1 Share 10.12.16 - News Reviews and Opinions: Trumpism: the vicissitudes of the phenomenon: "Trump continues to display the symptoms of narcissistic alexithymia..." - Donald Trump’s Sad, Lonely Life | "Trump’s has been a single-note campaign; that note is rage..." - Trumpism After Trump 10.11.16 - News Reviews and Opinions: Obama wants to go to Mars - Reading today's events 10.12.16 - News Reviews and Opinions: M.N.: Trump-Samson destroyed the GOP, alarmingly, tragically, destructively and self-destructively. The party will be reborn from this crisis and this bitter lesson. But he will not be able to destroy the country. This is the consolation. - The main news stories from the major sources; selected, compiled, and occasionally commented on by Mike Nova 10/15/2016 - Despi