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Putinology Update

Putinology Update  " Учимся ловить рыбку ... И чужих нам здесь не нужно. Без "крайних" обойдёмся...  Выдам я им их брошки...    А в случае чего , будет им  новый "знаменосец"  (и " Flagstaff ", и " Umpqua "; пусть не квакают, "qua-chis" ...)  ( Вручение знамени Федеральной службы судебных приставов ) А чо хмурые-то такие? Интересно..." __________________________________ Убежденный путинист — это даже не зомби, а гораздо хуже Putin and Putinism Putin as a person and as a politician and his political system of "Putinism" »   Putin: 20 terror plots foiled in Russia this year - 12NewsNow.Com 20/10/15 10:16 from  putin's health - Google News 12NewsNow.Com Putin : 20 terror plots foiled in Russia this year 12NewsNow.Com (Alexei Druzhinin, RIA-Novosti, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP). Russia's President Vladimir Putin , center, enters a hall to attend a meeting

Today's Headlines - 4:45 PM

Reviews Today's Headlines and Commentary - Lawfare News Roundup and Notes: October 20, 2015 | Just Security Analysis China, Russia, Iran Closing Gap with Smaller, Older U.S. Military - Washington Free Beacon Opinions Kurds Need More Than Arms - The New York Times Vladimir Putin’s intervention in Syria demands a US response | Syria is just the beginning of Putin’s global ambitions - The Globe and Mail West Has Lost the Right to Lecture Putin (Op-Ed) | Opinion | The Moscow Times 15 reasons why Puerto Rico should be our next state | New York Post Kissinger: Let Russia Defeat ISIS, Its Destruction More Important Than Overthrow Of Assad Syrian war U.S. and Russia Agree to Regulate All Flights Over Syria - The New York Times US and Russia sign deal to avoid Syria air incidents - BBC News US, Russia agree to pilot safety protocols in Syria | TheHill US, Russia Sign Memo on Air Safety in Syria U.S., Russia Sign Deal to Minimize Air