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Syrian conflict review - 1.26.17: Plan for the "safe zones"

Plan for the "safe zones"  MOSCOW –   The Kremlin says a U.S. plan for safe zones in Syria should be thoroughly considered. M.N.: My respectful advice to the Russian leadership and the military:  Do agree with this plan and cooperate with it fully. It makes perfect sense, first of all on the humanitarian grounds, and also as a starting point for the joint efforts instead of the potential confrontation. Protect these zones on the ground and from the air jointly. Organize the logistics together. The issue of the possible infiltration by the rebels is the secondary one, and can be managed at a later point, also jointly, when the situation with these zones clears and stabilizes.  One of the negative alternatives to this proposed cooperation is the establishment of the de facto no-fly areas by the rebels equipped with the ground to air weapons, with all the inevitable losses.  It has to be kept in mind that the the major burden of handling the Syrian refugees