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Raul Castro: What Political Prisoners?

Raul Castro: What Political Prisoners?   by David Rutz Monday March 21 st , 2016  at  11:42 PM Washington Free Beacon 1 Share Cuban President Raul Castro became defensive with Cuban-American reporter Jim Acosta after his question about political prisoners on Monday, pretending not to hear the question and then insisting on being given a list of them if they did exist. Earlier in the joint press conference with President Obama, Acosta asked questions of both Obama and Castro, asking the latter why Cuba had political prisoners and why the regime would not release them. Obama gave a lengthy answer to Acosta’s questions before Castro cut over him to ask if the question about political prisoners was directed at him. “For him or for me?” Castro asked. “For you, President Castro,” Acosta said. “What did you say about political prisoners?” Castro asked through a translator. “Can you repeat that question about political prisoners? Did you ask if we h