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Splurging £102.6m on Picasso’s Women of Algiers is simply insane   by Jonathan Jones Tuesday May 12 th , 2015  at  12:12 PM Network Front | The Guardian 1 Share The record-breaking price paid for a late, ungreat work shows the foolishness of collectors infected by a dumb new buzz around the artist Picasso was the greatest artist of the 20th century but Women of Algiers,  which has just set a new world record at Christie’s , is nothing like his masterpiece. It is certainly interesting, though. In his later years, Picasso embarked on a series of interpretations of some of his favourite paintings. Women of Algiers (version O), painted in the 1950s, is one of his responses to a sensuous eastern fantasy of harem life painted by Delacroix in 1834 that hangs in the Louvre. For Picasso there was a kind of artistic autobiography in painting  his own version of Delacroix’s Women of Algiers . The Delacroix is one of the first 19th-century masterpieces of