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Take a walk on the wild side: Dec '15 light sweet crude futures are down $1.69, or 4.23%, at $38.28 a barrel

Holly Woodlawn at the Hotel Chelsea in New York in 1971. Market Summary At 11:00 AM ET:   Dec '15 light sweet crude futures and Dec '15 gold futures are both down in electronic trading. Dec '15 light sweet crude futures are down  $1.69 , or  4.23% , at  $38.28  a barrel in Nymex trading and Dec '15 gold futures are down  $8.20 , or  0.76% , at  $1,076.30  an ounce. Dec '15 corn futures closed down  5.00  today, or 1.33% , at  371.25  cents a bushel. Lou Reed - Walk on the wild side Holly Woodlawn, Transgender Star of 1970s Underground Films, Dies at 69 Monday December 7 th , 2015  at  11:05 AM 1 Share Holly Woodlawn, a transgender actress who achieved underground stardom with her affecting performance as a starry-eyed down-and-outer in the 1970 film “Trash,” died on Sunday in Los Angeles. She was 69. The cause was complictions of cancer, her manager, Robert Coddington, said. Ms. Woodlawn had been i

Analysis: Obama Offers Reassurance, Little Policy in Speech - ABC News | Venezuela's opposition party wins parliament - - 6:56 AM 12/7/2015

California Terror Investigators Can't View NSA Phone Records - ABC News "President Obama has finally been forced to abandon the political fantasy he has perpetuated for years that the threat of terrorism was receding. We need to remove the self-imposed constraints President Obama has placed on our intelligence community and military , and we need to put in place an aggressive strategy to defeat ISIS and radical Islamic terrorism..." -  Jeb Bush " There were no new policy prescriptions , no fresh military strategies and no timelines . When President Barack Obama seized the spotlight for a rare prime time address Sunday night, he came with one major message: It's going to be OK." McCaul said it was unclear what ties the couple had with the Islamic State , which has said the pair were "followers." " His decision to speak on the terrorist threat from the Oval Office, just days after the deadly attack in San Bernardino, Calif., refle