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Investigators Piece Together Portrait Of Tashfeen Malik | "La Femme Fatale" | FBI investigating San Bernardino shooting as an act of terrorism - The Washington Post | Investigators Searching for Motive in Deadly San Bernardino Shooting - ABC News - 2:15 PM 12/5/2015

Tashfeen Malik as " La Femme Fatale ": Deeply deceitful, conveying the veiled hatred and rage smile, deep depression or rather sadness and regret, revengeful fanatical "devilish" determination, and above all - deep, deep, almost impenetrable mystery. It looks like a male face, with a firm male gaze. (Was she a transgender woman, with a child adopted or from surrogate mother? Does this possible circumstance convey the additional message?) It is also possible that "Tashfeen Malik" is a stolen identity. "Безбородый мессидж"(без них обойдёмся): "Don't you worry, 'Big Heart', моё дело в шляпе. А шляпа на папе. (А папа?)  Вести.Ru: Путин: Нина Русланова дарит зрителям тепло сердца Новости ∙ Президент ∙ События ∙ Президент России Investigators Piece Together Portrait Of Tashfeen Malik New Photo, Details Emerge About Woman Shooter in San Bernardino Killings - ABC News Pakistani in California shooting became hardline in S