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Iran-Saudi Rivalry Is Stoking Conflict in Yemen | » Influx of Migrants Across Mediterranean Nears Record Levels 13/04/15 15:15 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

Iran-Saudi Rivalry Is Stoking Conflict in Yemen by (Henry Ridgwell) Wednesday April 15 th , 2015  at  4:27 PM Voice Of America 1 Share Iran has proposed a peace plan to end the conflict in Yemen, but the idea has received little support from regional rivals like Saudi Arabia. They accuse Tehran of backing the Houthi rebels, who have forced Yemen’s president to flee to Riyadh, and have taken over swaths of Yemen. Analysts say the conflict is being fueled by the Sunni-Shiite rivalry between the two regional powers. Convoys of trucks carry tanks belonging to the Houthi rebels south towards Aden, scene of the heaviest clashes with pro-government forces. The rebels’ advance is being slowed by airstrikes led by Saudi Arabia.  Speaking in Madrid Tuesday, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif strongly criticized Riyadh’s actions. “We believe that aerial bombardments are simply not the answer, because there is nothing of military v