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9:08 AM 8/15/2014: Swimming with sharks - Photos - CNN | US company may face terrorism charges in Argentina | Anti-Semitism Stirs in Latin America - NYT | Putin&Co in Crimea: Путин намекнул о новых разработках в сфере сил ядерного сдерживания - Ведомости | Kremlin Mutes Putin's Big Crimea Speech | Islamic State continues advance towards Baghdad |

These photos put you face-to-face with sharks Friday August 15 th , 2014  at  9:00 AM CNN.Com Recently Published/Updated 1 Share Part of complete coverage on By  Doug Bierend , WIRED August 15, 2014 -- Updated 0939 GMT (1739 HKT) Cage-free shark photographer Michael Muller is taking over Discovery Channel's Instagram for Shark Week 2014. He hopes to use the opportunity to raise awareness about the declining populations of sharks. "BLUESTEEL" "It's all about light. Whether In the studio or 40ft below the surface, it all boils down to light. Can't tell you how fulfilling it is to light these babies up. Now just need to put the spotlight on shark finning and ending it or at least regulating it." "While I love shooting all these actors, this is what occupies my mind in between shots. Shooting in 103 degree heat helps make this moment come to mind as well," Muller says on his Instagra