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"Clinton lost because her campaign made a fatal miscalculation..." - TIMES | "Trump ran against the elites and won." - WP

"Even the whizzes who elected Barack Obama as President  conceded they had it all wrong . “Never been as wrong on anything [in] my life,”   David Plouffe , the architect of Obama’s 2008 campaign, said on Twitter as the reality began to set in. If exit polls are to be believed, Clinton lost because her campaign made a fatal miscalculation : That the American electorate was growing so much more diverse, so fast, that it couldn’t possibly fare worse with working-class white voters than the country’s first black president had in 2012. The electoral coalition was easy to imagine. But it proved imaginary precisely because those working-class whites—who for decades have been slowly but surely drifting away from a coastal Democratic Party elite they view as economically and culturally out of touch with their needs—found  his [Trump's - M.N.] populist, protectionist rhetoric spoke directly to them. " "Hispanic turnout measurably increased. But neither that nor Clin