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"A Comprehensive Threat" | Russians let Hizballah into Daraa, breaking their promise to Israel | Meet the next commander in Afghanistan, who has deeper experience there than almost any U.S. general - The Washington Post | Sweden ‘prepared for war with RUSSIA’, chilling leaked documents warn | World | News | Daily Express | Islamic State terrorist who blew up Russian airliner 'identified' and 'last seen in Turkey' - Telegraph | Russia: No Firm Plans to Coordinate Oil Output With OPEC - ABC News | Clinton Seen as Winner in November; A Trump Presidency Inspires Anxiety (POLL) - ABC News | Syria peace talks derailed as opposition stays away | Reuters | Evacuation Squad: Pro-Putin online group claims responsibility for school bomb threats in England and France | Crime | News | The Independent

"A Comprehensive Threat" The Daily Vertical: A Comprehensive Threat M.N.: A threat? Most definitely, yes. An "enemy"? "Definitely not" (hopefully) , or not yet. Gen. Breedlove put it very well: "Stop hugging the Russian bear." But at the same time we can try to talk to this animal. The question is if the creature(s) are able and willing to understand the human language. And judge them by their deeds, not by their words, which traditionally are habitual lies. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst. And to prepare is the absolute "must" and is in progress. Prepare yourselves for the unknown 2016.  The Dangerous Games: Zika, bio-threats and wordplays Zika =  "Zaika": a little hare, "a bunny". That's how Russian mothers affectionately call their babies.  Microcephaly as a part of Zika gives it a whole new, facetious meaning. Interpretation: "You are brainless and w