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Желто синий Поезд - Для детей от 3 лет. Музыка Используемая в видео: Jingle Punks - Energized. Дополнительная информация - Реалестичные звуки поезда, Прожектор на паровозе, Настоящий дым из трубы.

VIDEO FOR CHILDREN - Toy Children's Railway with Yellow-blue Model Toy Train | Желто синий Поезд   Мое Детство Subscribe 30,699 Published on Nov 3, 2014 Information about the toys in English: - Brand - The Children's Place - Manufacturer of toys - Xiamen Newsun Co.Ltd. China - Name Toys - Union Pacific - Model toys - 2334 - Age restriction - For children from 3 years - Additional Information - Realistic sounds of the train, Spotlight on the train, This smoke from the chimney ======================================== ­======= Информация об игрушке на Русском языке: - Марка - The Children's Place - Производитель Игрушки - Xiamen Newsun Co.Ltd. Китай - Название Игрушки - Union Pacific - Модель игрушки - 2334 - Ограничение по возрасту - Для детей от 3 лет - Дополнительная информация - Реалестичные звуки поезда, Прожектор на паровозе, Настоящий дым из трубы ======================================== ­======= We are on Twitter and Facebook: FACEBOO

51 injured, 4 critical, in Southern California commuter train collision with truck

Uncle Putya RedCrosser The Great: Dovolen...   Lithuania to Reinstate Limited Conscription by (VOA News) Tuesday February 24 th , 2015  at  1:52 PM Voice Of America 1 Share Lithuania said Tuesday it would reinstate limited conscription later this year as a precautionary measure, given a new geopolitical situation. "The current geopolitical environment requires us to enhance and accelerate army recruitment," said a statement by President Dalia Grybauskaite’s office issued after an emergency meeting of the State Defense Council.  The statement also said that “threats to the state's security” necessitate that “the country's defense capabilities need to be strengthened further." The conscription, which would be renewed for a five-year period, still requires parliamentary approval.   Once lawmakers sign off, starting in September some 3,000 men between the ages of 19 and 27 would be drafted to serve for a