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Trump's Samson Complex: "the compulsion to re-enact betrayal and rage" | Donald Trump's 'Big Liar' Technique - The New York Times | What Donald Trump Learned From Joseph McCarthy’s Right-Hand Man - The New York Times | "Donald J. Trump doesn't tell the truth." - LA Times

Trump News Review You apparently do not have JavaScript enabled on your browser lest you would be viewing an RSS Feed here from RSS Dog - Published on 9.17.16 | Updates Trump, Putin, and Elections - 9.21.16 9.20.16 - Is Lying Trump’s Strategy? - The New York Times A Trump presidency would be ethically compromised - The Washington Post The Danger of Trump and Putin's Relationship - The Atlantic Analysis : Putin Trump Putin Trump putin trump - Google Search M.N.: Did young Donald perceive his "shipping off" to military school ("shape up or ship out") as an act of betrayal by his parents? Did it start the never ending cycles of rage and the desire for revenge? What role did this circumstance play in the formation of his adult character? Did it contribute into his deeply felt ambivalence about the rules, authority, and power? Are these ambivalence and rage the sources of his potential capacity for betrayal, which alarmed so many experi