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West talks, Putin bombs (the U.S. trained fighters and allegedly, civilians) and continues his "special operations". "What has gone wrong?"

West talks , Putin bombs ( the U.S. trained fighters and allegedly, civilians ) and continues his "special operations" . " This is not an idle gambit: it is the first time Russia has launched a major military action outside what you might call the old Soviet empire since the end of the Cold War. Yesterday, the aggression in the air was underscored by the news that Putin has signed a decree to conscript 150,000 men into his army." Little noticed were the recently proposed changes to the Russian criminal code , which turned the "minor criminal offences" such as assault, small theft and fraud into the "administrative" ones, under the pretense of "humanitarian" reform of penitentiary system. This will allow, just as in good old Soviet times, to conscript the young criminals into the military service instead of imprisoning them and to solve the Russian military's manpower problem (with the potential new pool of 300,000 men) . What