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2:35 PM 8/2/2012 Mike Nova's starred items Books of The Times: ‘Why Does the World Exist?’ by Jim Holt via NYT > Home Page by By DWIGHT GARNER on 8/2/12 Personal anecdotes on subjects as varied as mortality and dining sit amid the philosophical musings in Jim Holt’s new book. 36 Hours in Midcoast Maine via NYT > Travel by By BRENDAN SPIEGEL on 8/2/12 Along this rocky stretch of coast north of Portland, the sea may still be the star. But other attractions are gaining on it. At War Blog: In War, Moments Worth Remembering via NYT > World by By NATHAN S. WEBSTER on 8/2/12 The memories of many recent veterans cover much more ground than Post-Traumatic Stress or Traumatic Brain Injury. Even so, it can be hard to tease out a few moments of a fonder kind. Property Tax Evasion in City Is Widespread, Report Suggests via NYT > Real Estate by By CHARLES V. BAGLI on 8/2/12 The report, issued by a grand jury, re