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Russian mental health clinic fire in Voronezh kills 23 - BBC News | Man Wielding Guns, Machete Shot Dead at Pennsylvania Wal-Mart - NBC News | 15 Killed in Pakistan Market Blast | Russia says fired warning shots at Turkish ship in Aegean to avoid collision | Reuters | Benedict Anderson, noted for book on nationalism, dies at 79 - The Washington Post | Putin’s Russia on the Way to Complete and Proud Barbarization... - 11:30 AM 12/13/2015

"Нищие духом"... " Модернизировать Россию не получилось . Вместо этого на всех фронтах побеждает архаика. Все новые успехи в строительстве феодализма и массовое приобщение к невежеству складываются уже в целостную и зрелую систему."  " Russia didn’t succeed in modernizing itself, Sergey Shelin says; instead, “on all fronts, archaic forms and values are triumphing;” and Russia is achieving ever greater “successes in the construction of feudalism” and the promotion of ignorance as a value to the point that one can speak of the formation of “an integral and mature system.”             In a strikingly bitter commentary yesterday, the Regnum observer suggests this is shown by the statements of Russia’s leaders and even more by the reaction of ordinary Russians, a reaction that he says cannot be blamed on the work of Kremlin-controlled media alone ( )." Подробнее: