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The Brain’s Empathy Gap   by JENEEN INTERLANDI Thursday March 19 th , 2015  at  3:02 PM NYT > Europe 1 Share Can mapping neural pathways help us make friends with our enemies? ‘Turkish’ Islam Said Growing Faster than ‘Iranian’ Islam in Azerbaijan   by paul goble ( Thursday March 19 th , 2015  at  3:01 PM Window On Eurasia -- New Series 1 Share Paul Goble                Staunton, March 19 – Many Azerbaijanis now refer to the basic divide within Islam not as being between the Shiia who form about two-thirds of its population and the Sunni who form one-third but rather as between “Iranian” and “Turkish” variants, given their weak knowledge of theology and the support these two countries have given to the rebirth of Islam there since 1991.                Thus, for example, they refer to particular mosques by these national terms depending on who paid to build them or    who provi