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Interpretation of signs in intelligence analysis

interpretation of signs in intelligence analysis- GS Intelligence analysis  - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Intelligence _ analysis ‎ Wikipedia Devlin [14]  observes that while traditional logical work does not consider socialization, work on extending logic into the real world of intelligence requires it. "The first thing to note, and this is crucial, is that the process by which an agent attaches meaning to a symbol always takes place in a context, indeed generally several contexts, and is always dependent on those contexts. An analytic study of the way that people interpret symbols comes down to an investigation of the mechanism captured by the diagram: [agent] + [symbol] + [context] +. . . + [context] → [interpretation] Things that are true about contexts include: Contexts are pervasive Contexts are primary Contexts perpetuate Contexts proliferate Contexts are potentially pernicious The discipline of  critical d

Camilla's brother Mark Shand, 62, dies after smashing head in fall in NY after leaving £1m charity fundraising event 24/04/14 08:00 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

Artwork: Mr Shand with the Humpty Dumpty egg, signed by the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, outside Clarence House in 2012 Read more: Follow us:  @MailOnline on Twitter  |  DailyMail on Facebook Mike Nova's Shared NewsLinks Review Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks Review   From The Major News Sources »   'Camilla's son Tom Parker Bowles and nephew fly to New York to collect Mark Shand's body'  24/04/14 15:55 from  the Mail online | News Tom Parker Bowles and his cousin Ben Elliot - the son of Mr Shand's other sister Annabel Elliot - are understood to have arrived in New York to collect their uncle's body. »   Camilla's Brother Died After Falling In Gramercy Park Hotel Revolving Doors - The Daily Beast 24/04/14 09:05 from  Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks mikenova shared this story . Indi