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US Officials: Respecting Human Rights Boosts National Security | Republican Senator Defends Release of CIA Interrogation Report | Russia's Chief Of Staff: U.S. Provided Financial, Technical Aid To IS | ТАСС: Армия и ОПК - Генштаб РФ: ИГ превращается в ключевое звено радикального ислама в ближневосточном регионе | Russian FSB Chief: Islamic State Is A 'Terrorist International' | Chechen 'Death Battalion' fighting with Ukraine's rebels | Putin To Discuss Debt, Food Imports, Weapons In Uzbekistan 10/12/14 15:53 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

Voice of America Republican Senator Defends Release of CIA Interrogation Report Today, December 10th 12:07am · usa Shared by  1  person Republican Senator John McCain was one of the few members of his party to applaud the release of a report on the CIA's brutal interrogation practices after the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. McCain, once a prisoner-of-war in Vietnam, spoke passionately Tuesday in support of releasing a summary of the 6,000-page report, detailing what amounts to the torture of prisoners in secret CIA prisons abroad. Zlatica Hoke has this report. U.S. Watchdog Warns $104 Billion Could Be Wasted In Afghanistan   by (RFE/RL) Wednesday December 10 th , 2014  at  5:22 PM Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 1 Share A U.S. watchdog has warned that much of the $104 billion committed to Afghan reconstruction projects could be wasted because the Afghan government