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Actually, North Korea might not be guilty in the Sony hack | Foreign Policy Battles Loom Between Obama, Republican-led Congress | Putin Shown Not 'So Smart' as Russia Economy Suffers, Obama Says - Businessweek

Actually, North Korea might not be guilty in the Sony hack Monday December 29 th , 2014  at  5:10 PM 1 Share Enlarge The Plaza Theatre marquee in Atlanta, Georgia on Christmas Day 2014. Hackers had threatened attacks on theaters that screened 'The Interview,' which depicts the assassination of North Korea's Kim Jong Un. (Marcus Ingram/AFP/Getty Images) SEOUL, South Korea — The release of “The Interview” last week was supposed to spark a geopolitical imbroglio just in time for the holidays. Instead — after a last-minute release of the hastily canceled film to select theaters and crowds on the web — this Christmas turned out like any other, and we were allowed to watch Kim Jong Un’s head explode in peace. There was no political escalation — no additional leaks or cyberattacks — from the group of mysterious hackers thought to sympathize with North Korea. Even the rogue state’s customary bluster was absent. There were no trademark missil