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Russia Hosting Europe’s Neo-Nazis, Nationalists and Anti-Semites, Putin Supporters All by Paul Goble | Putin’s Priorities – Propaganda over People and Even National Defense by Paul Goble: Vladimir Putin’s new budget numbers show that for him, propaganda is more important than the Russian people and even more important than national defense.

Eclipse on Remote Arctic Islands Thrills, Disappoints   by (Reuters) Saturday March 21 st , 2015  at  10:35 PM Voice Of America 1 Share A solar eclipse thrilled thousands of sky gazers on remote Arctic islands on Friday but clouds disappointed some viewers of a rare celestial show that was also partly visible for millions in Europe, Africa and Asia. People cheered and clapped as the moon blocked the sun for about 2.5 minutes under clear skies on the icy Norwegian islands of Svalbard, where tourists had been warned of risks of frostbite and polar bears after an attack on Thursday. But clouds masked the sky over Torshavn, the capital of the Faroe Islands further south and the only other place where a total eclipse was visible from land as the moon's shadow skimmed across the Atlantic. "It was overcast, there was rain and wind. You could see nothing. It was a disappointment for everybody," said Gabor Lantos, a Hungarian t