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Boris Nemtsov's Murder: Don't Jump to Conclusions | Who really is "The Joker"? | Iran intelligence Services-GS

JOKER'S SONG (with video) LYRICS:  Grinning down through the gates Watch the night suffocate All the light as it smothers the sun I can tell by the moon You'll be joining me soon As a guest in my fortress of fun! And I can't wait to see you And once again free you Released from your humourless air Someday I will replace That big frown on your face With a smile and a murderous glare We are two of a kind Violent, unsound of mind You're the yin to my yang, can't you see? And if I were to leave  You would grumble and grieve Face it, Bats...  You'd be lost without me! You'd be lost (You'd be lost) You'd be lost (You'd be lost) Face it, Bats... You'd be lost without me! I'm just trying to show you Just how well I know you I understand just how you feel Threw your reason away 'Cause you had one bad day And your mind let go of the wheel Still we're fated to battle You pout and I prattle Don't you ever tire of this game