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8:29 PM 4/22/2017 - Messi, Ronaldo kissing graffiti causes stir pre-Clasico - YouTube | FBI Delayed Russian Probe to Focus on Hillary's Emails

FBI Delayed Russian Probe to Focus on Hillary's Emails Saturday April 22 nd , 2017  at  9:11 PM 1 Share The FBI last summer was more concerned with its investigation of Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server than with Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee's accounts during the election, and as a result, it took several months before the FBI discussed the breach with the DNC, a new report states. The DNC's computer system was hacked while agents were investigating Clinton's email server, which was one of the largest news stories as she began her presidential campaign in late 2015,  The New York Times  reported in an extensive article on Saturday. Even though the DNC breach appeared to have been conducted by Russian hackers, several other entities, including think tanks, universities and political organizations on both sides of the aisle also had been hacked. So the DNC hack did not raise alarms that there