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FBI as Trumplandia

fbi as trumplandia - Google Search Thursday November 3 rd , 2016  at  8:40 PM 1 Share Agent:  FBI  is ' Trumplandia ' The Hill - 4 hours ago The  FBI  is “ Trumplandia ,” according to an agent who spoke ... But another  FBI  source disputed the level of support Trump has within the bureau ... 'The  FBI  is Trumpland': anti-Clinton atmosphere spurred leaks ... In-Depth - The Guardian - 4 hours ago Report:  FBI  an Anti-Hillary ' Trumplandia ' Newsmax - 3 hours ago The recent leaks of the  FBI  investigation of Hillary Clinton have been sparked by a feeling within the agency the Democratic presidential ... Welcome to  Trumplandia , where feelings trump facts The Week Magazine - Oct 20, 2016 Confronted with the fact that the crime statistics cited come from the  FBI  — hardly a "liberal" organization — Gingrich makes it clear that he ... Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton has 'no