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Syria conflict: FSA rebels reject Russia military help - BBC News Blog: Report: Russian airstrikes hit 9 hospitals in Syria in the last month United States draws a line on protecting CIA-backed rebels in Syria - Fx Report Daily U.S., Saudi Arabia to bolster support for moderate Syrian opposition | Reuters Kerry Holds Talks With Saudi King About Syria - ABC News Is the U.S. back in combat in Iraq? - Helmet camera footage shows joint U.S. Delta Force-Kurdish raid to rescue Islamic State hostages - The Washington Post Russia receives authorization to strike Daesh inside Iraq | ThereAreNoSunglasses Report: Russian bombs in Syria may have killed 59 civilians - Russian Campaign in Syria 'Puts Washington and NATO Into Checkmate' / Sputnik International 'Israeli Arab paraglider' sparks Syria border operation - BBC News Get Ready, America: Here Comes China's Ballistic Missile Defenses | The National Interest Russia back to fishing in tr

(») Meet a 21st-Century Slave - The New York Times | "Putin runs Russia like the Mafia" | DW Interview - by deutschewelleenglish

Meet a 21st-Century Slave - The New York Times Sunday October 25 th , 2015  at  2:35 PM 1 Share KATHMANDU, Nepal — WHEN readers hear about “modern slavery” in America or abroad, they may roll their eyes and assume that’s an exaggeration.  Slavery? Really? Modern slavery?  If you’re one of the doubters, then listen to Poonam Thapa, a teenage girl I met here in Nepal, where she is putting her life back together after being sold to a brothel. And if you think,  as Amnesty International suggested recently , that the solution is to decriminalize the commercial sex trade around the world, then pay special heed. Poonam was poor and uneducated when a woman offered an escape in the form of a well-paying job. “You can have a better life,” Poonam remembers the woman saying. “And if you make good money, you will be respected by your father. You can help your family.” So Poonam, then age 12, ran off with the woman. When Poonam was eventually deposited in