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Mohammed and The Great Twin Peak Mountain

Maha _________________________________________ I visited a supermarket today. The cashier, a beautiful, gorgeous, softly smiling Puerto Rican girl, very impressively and nicely shaped, with the word "Babe", emblazoned in large silver and gold specked letters atop her powerful, unbelievably moving (in all possible senses) Twin Peak Mountain, kept calling the store manager, for her own reasons: "Mohammed! Mohammed, come here!" But Mohammed, ever reluctant, failed to appear, to materialize, and to approach her, apparently for his own reasons, and despite her persistent and emotionally charged with urgency and evident necessity calls. He was nowhere in sight, although he was clearly visible just a minute ago. My sale did not go through, apparently also for its own reason, but I was able to detect this little glitch in this particular cause-and-effect relationship quickly: I simply forgot to push the right button, as it sometimes does happen to me. After this little