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Обоссаться! 'Bringing OSU to ISU' message not a credible threat - Oy, ssu! - "I am your robot!" Ass-ssa! - Any time. Запросто, как два пальца обоссать! - "O, Higher, Columbus: THE STATE!" - "L'Etat, C'Est Moi" - and this is the essence of all this hullabaloo... Ус - саться! YikYak!

Обоссаться!   'Bringing OSU to ISU' (and also bringing Osu-Kumara to " I See U " - Uga, Uga! And to the ICU?! - ужас-то какой!) message not a credible threat - Oy, ssu! - "I am your robot!"   Ass-ssa! - Any time. Запросто , как два пальца обоссать! - A Te-nne-ssee! Vashe delo - zogovarivat(sya), v tom chisle i zubi , a nashe delo - interpretirovat!  YikYak! Thursday December 1 st , 2016  at  12:52 AM Spe (spi) -  cia-l ("Sleep, cia-lull-lol"; spi, cielo !) to the Register An online message about "bringing OSU (Old Soviet Union) to ISU (I ssu: pee-pee-pee... And how did you ass-ssumed that "I ssu"? I couldn't care less, isn't it obvious? Osi-osu-isi-zasu...) today" has been referred to the FBI by Iowa ( I owe, aeh! ) State University Police, though there is no evidence of a credible threat, according to police. (?!?!?!/010101).  ISU Police  tweeted a screenshot  of the me