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Surkov-Pizdobol and The "Pizz-Da!-a-Gate" Theory: The Russian Lessons: Ne Pizdi! PizzDagate theory and false news: Сурков, хорош пиздеть, пиздобол! Твои ослиные уши торчат из этих "Pizz-Da!-gates" на целый километр! ("Иа! Иа!"). И чему только тебя в школе учили, харь! Взрослый мужик, а всё в свои куклы играется, размазал свою пиццу по всей роже и рад, моцарелла как сопли из глаз течёт!

BBC News What Pizzagate has in common with every conspiracy theory The Verge - 8 hours ago It was the result of a bizarre theory that has circulated on right-wing conspiracy sites for more than a year, alleging that the site was part of a ... Pizzagate : Gunman fires in restaurant at centre of conspiracy BBC News - Dec 5, 2016 NC man told police he went to DC pizzeria with gun to investigate ... Highly Cited - Washington Post - Dec 5, 2016 Pizzagate Gunman Liked Alex Jones Opinion - Daily Beast - Dec 5, 2016 Pizzagate : Fake News Leads to Real Attack at Gunpoint Featured - Peacock Panache - Dec 5, 2016 Pizzagate , the fake news conspiracy theory that led a gunman to ... In-Depth - Vox - Dec 5, 2016 pizzagate theory   pizzDagate false news   "And hu iz zis litil devil nau?!" Ne Pizdi! The Russian Lessons piz'det' (verb, intransitive, imperfect aspect)   + 1. to chat; 2. to tell lies The word co