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And this is his response...

Putin Under Pressure at G20 World leaders take on Putin over Ukraine Vladimir Putin leaves G20 after leaders line up to browbeat him over Ukraine Obama Moves Close to Calling Russian Action in Ukraine an Invasion Mike Nova comments: And this is his response... " Чтобы не было здесь никаких спекуляций, что касается того, почему я не пошёл на общий завтрак...  Ну а нам отсюда лететь до Владивостока 9 часов и потом от Владивостока до Москвы – ещё 9 часов..." ISIS Video Purports to Prove Execution of American Aid Worker Brisbane G20: Vladimir Putin makes early exit amid mounting international pressure over Ukraine - video Graphic ISIS Video Claims US Aid Worker Beheaded   M.N.: In my, as always, VHSPO (very humble and strictly personal opinion),  Peter Kassig's murder  is a symbolic and politically theatrical response to the Western pressure and discussion of further sanctions which was expected at the concluding G-20 luncheon. Puti