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» As the West prevaricates, Putin builds a new order 29/02/16 10:23 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

Russian woman holding severed head of child outside Moscow metro station detained by police   ________________________________________ Former CIA director: Military may refuse to follow Trump’s orders if he becomes president - The Washington Post Rubio and Cruz seek to destroy Trump as Republicans wage all-out war | US news | The Guardian Could the Internet Do What the Euro Couldn’t? - The New York Times A Better, Not Bigger, Military Budget - The New York Times Russian nanny arrested in Moscow for carrying child's severed head, reports say | Fox News Reports: Russian Police Arrest Woman Waving Child's Head - The New York Times Syrian opposition says government wrecking truce deal | Reuters Judge orders D.C. to pay $13.2 million in wrongful FBI hair conviction case - The Washington Post wrongful FBI hair conviction cases - Google Search News - wrongful FBI hair conviction cases - Google Search wrongful convictions - Google Search News - wrongful convictions -