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Trump affair as the crisis of the Western Civilization: Updates On The Investigation Of The Foreign Interference In 2016 US Presidential Elections, Part 1: 3.31.17 and prior articles: When will you "cause a storm", Mr. Comey?! | The FBI "investigation" is indeed, "absurd", not because it is unjust or unjustified, but because it is grossly inadequate - by Michael Novakhov

Updates on the Investigation of Foreign Interference in 2016 US Presidential Elections     Recommended Articles and Searches  3.31.17 - The Latest  ________________________________________________ M.N.: This article below: "Here’s why Comey may have stayed silent..." is a brief summary of the previously referenced, original, long and detailed but well worth reading article:  "Why FBI Can’t Tell All on Trump, Russia - WhoWhatWhy" ,  which I think, might be based at least in part on the Russian sources (note the title of one of its sections in Russian: "Трамп и его деньги - Trump and his Money"). It is very interesting - thank you, guys; but does not really answer the question "why the FBI can't tell all...", which, if it is so, apparently still remains somewhat of a mystery. The FBI's stated goal of protecting the integrity of the ongoing investigation with the purposes, as I understand, to unravel everything to th