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Dems Continue to Diss Obama | » NATO Chief: Russia 'Nuclear Saber-Rattling' Is 'Dangerous' 16/06/15 21:26 from Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks

Dems Continue to Diss Obama Tuesday June 16 th , 2015  at  9:56 PM ABC News: Top Stories 1 Share President Obama continues to feel the heat from fellow party members. Today, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand criticized Obama for failing to show leadership on the fight against military sex crimes, saying he didn???t live up to his December 2013 promise to force an overhaul of the Defense Department???s judicial system if it didn???t make progress within a year. ???A year has long passed and we haven???t seen the kind of changes that we need.??? Gillibrand said. ???I do not believe they are taking the issue as seriously as they should and they should not be resisting the professionalization of the military justice system.??? She made these remarks after the Senate voted down an amendment she sponsored that would change the way sexual assault is prosecuted in the military, removing it from the military justice chain of command. Gillibrand???s public, Democrat-vs-