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Happy New Year!

To all my dear friends and readers: Happy New Year! May it bring us strength, determination, clarity of mind and will, understanding and love to all near us. May God bless this beautiful country and its people. Happiness, good luck, peace of soul and mind and contentment to all of us! M.N. December 31, 2014 Wednesday December 31 st , 2014  at  7:36 PM Voice Of America 1 Share A look at the best news photos from around the world.  Mike Nova's Shared NewsLinks Review   From The Major News Sources »   Pope condemns alleged corruption in Rome, says city needs 'moral renewal' 31/12/14 18:31 from  Mike Nova's Shared Newslinks mikenova shared this story from Reuters: World News. VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Pope Francis condemned on Wednesday administrators and criminals in Rome who allegedly pocketed public funds meant to help poor migrants, saying the eternal ci... »   New Year's celebrations around the world 31/12/14 18:31