Saturday, September 26, 2015

Headlines Update - 2:45 PM 9/26/2015

Reviews - 9.26.15

Hybrid War - Google Search
Hybrid War of 2014 - 2015 - Google Search
russia iran china alliance - Google Search
russia iran china alliance expands into the Middle East - Google Search
power vacuum left by the USA in the Middle East - Google Search
Collision course? Rise of China a stress for the US - BBC News
China's Military Heads for Syria, Supposedly to Join Russia
Putin's Latest Moves: The Military Alliance Among Iran, Hezbollah And Russia In Syria Could Spread To Yemen
China calls for new security pact with Russia, Iran - CBS News
US Forcing Russia, China And Iran Into Military Alliance
What's Behind the New Chinese-Russian-Iranian Alliance? | David Oualaalou
The US and Russia are fighting a new type of hybrid war in Syria | Russia Direct
Recap of Recent Posts at Just Security (September 19–25) | Just Security
The Week That Was: All of Lawfare in One Post - Lawfare
Hearing | Hearings | United States Commitee on Armed Services

Middle East - 9.26.15

Top US, Iranian Diplomats Discuss Syria, Iran Nuclear Deal
Obama Administration Wants to Talk to Iran About Syria - ABC News
Iran to buy $21 billion in Russian space equipment and aircraft: Sputnik | Reuters
Will a U.N.-backed agreement end fighting in parts of Syria? - The Washington Post
Russia’s move into Syria upends U.S. plans and creates new complications - The Washington Post
Bloomberg Politics
Iraq's Stalemate in Ramadi Raises Doubts About US Strategy - ABC News
Kerry says sees opportunity for...
Kerry says sees opportunity for progress on Syria as he meets Zarif | Reuters
Nearly a third of migrants in Germany claiming to be Syrians aren’t from Syria - The Washington Post
Which Migrants Stay in, and Which Leave Turkey?
Haj death toll rises to 769, Iran denounces 'crime' | Reuters
Hajj Disaster: Iran Vows Legal Action Against Saudi Arabia
A Chinese aircraft carrier docks at Tartus to support Russian-Iranian military buildup
Hizballah acquires its first heavy tanks from Iran, not Syria
Stratfor shows that the Russians Are Coming – to Syria | Fabius Maximus website
US intelligence: Russia will launch attacks in Syria - News - Stripes
U.S. Says Rebel It Trained Surrendered Matériel in Syria - The New York Times
Senators Question Obama Administration’s New Legal Argument For Fighting in Syria - Defense One
U.S.-trained Syrian rebels gave equipment to Nusra: U.S. military | Reuters

Cyber Security - 9.26.15

Limiting Security Breaches May Be Impossible Task for U.S. and China - The New York Times
Obama and Xi Jinping of China Agree to Steps on Cybertheft - The New York Times
Cyber-security professionals say employees are the biggest threat to network security | INFORUM

Security - 9.26.15

Drinking Water Systems Imperiled by Failing Infrastructure - ABC News

Russia - 9.26.15

On Syria, Putin Is Catering to an Audience at Home - The New York Times
Putin faces growing exodus as Russia's banking, tech pros flee - Europe - Stripes
Why Russia's Vladimir Putin Is Standing by Syria's President Assad - NBC News
UPDATE 1-Ukraine to pay around $230/tcm for gas in Q4 - Russian energy minister | Reuters

Other News - 9.26.15

China and the US agree to share intel on terror
​Obamas host state dinner for Chinese president and first lady - CBS News
Russia-Estonia spy swap eases tensions in fraught Baltics - Telegraph
Support for Merkel falls over handling of refugee crisis | Reuters
Under pressure from the right, House Speaker Boehner quits | Reuters
Five killed in clashes between Armenian-backed Karabakh troops and Azeri army | Reuters
Circuit court remands terrorism case on grounds FBI withheld info of al-Awlaki investigation | Fox News
Warplanes: MiG-29s Aimed At Russia
Mexico: Corruption, Cartels, Credibility and Culpability
Bill Clinton: GOPers want to ruin Hillary -
Lawsuit: Saudi Prince Abused Women For Days

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