Thursday, April 28, 2016

9:22 PM 4/28/2016 - Headlines Review: Syria's truce is over as airstrikes destroy Aleppo hospital | World news | The Guardian | Over 61 killed in one day of Aleppo bombings, Syrian opposition says | Breedlove: EUCOM must get back to war planning - News - Stripes | 3 Tied to San Bernardino Gunman Are Indicted - The New York Times | FBI arrests brother of San Bernardino attacker and two other relatives, charges them with marriage fraud - The Washington Post

Topic: Fifth Moscow Conference on International Security, MCIS - April 27-28, 2016

News - Moscow Conference on International Security, MCIS - Google Search
Moscow Conference on International Security, MCIS - Google Search
международная конференция по безопасности в москве - Google Search
О конференции : Министерство обороны Российской Федерации
MCIS-2016 participants' speeches : Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Выступления участников : Министерство обороны Российской Федерации
Program : Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation
Выступление Начальника Генерального штаба Вооруженных Сил РФ Валерия Герасимова - YouTube
Speech of the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Safety and Security Peter Drennan - YouTube
Speech of the former President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai - YouTube
Speech of the Defence Minister of Iran Hossein Dehghan - YouTube
Speech of the Minister of Defense of Pakistan Khawaja Muhammad Asif - YouTube
Ъ - Сергей Лавров и Сергей Шойгу предъявили Западу претензии России
Did a Chinese-Russian-Iranian coalition opposing NATO debut in Moscow? — RT Op-Edge
PressTV-‘Iran defense minister to visit Russia’
‘US is fighting terrorism in the wrong places’ - former Afghan President Karzai — RT Op-Edge
US Failed to Stop Afghanistan's Radicalization - Ex-President
karzai - Google Search
Iran, Russia draft military cooperation roadmap
Russian Military Intel: Some States Use Terrorists in Attempt to Oust Assad
General Sergey Afanasyev, deputy chief of the GRU - Google Search
Window on Eurasia -- New Series: 4500 ISIS Militants Now in Central Asia, Russia’s GRU Says