Friday, April 22, 2016

12:46 PM 4/22/2016 - Headlines Review: Shooter reportedly on the loose after 7 killed in southern Ohio | Fox News | Report: US Suicides Up Significantly Since 1999 | U.S. split deepens over Putin's intentions in Syria civil war | Reuters | US weighing military force against Russia? | Fox News Video

Shooter reportedly on the loose after 7 killed in southern Ohio | Fox News | 

Report: US Suicides Up Significantly Since 1999 |
U.S. split deepens over Putin's intentions in Syria civil war | Reuters |
US weighing military force against Russia? | Fox News Video

The Russian reassertion of military backing has prompted some U.S. officials to warn that a failure to respond would be seen by Moscow as a fresh sign of American timidity. That, they say, could encourage Russia to escalate challenges to U.S. and allied militaries through more provocative Russian air and naval maneuvers.

They also contend that a U.S. failure to respond would further damage Washington’s relations with Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states seeking to oust Assad, and with Turkey, which has been firing artillery at Islamic State targets in Syria.

The answer, they argue, is stepped-up U.S. support for moderate Syrian rebel factions with more anti-tank missiles and grenade launchers sent through third countries.

However, other officials, including National Security Advisor Susan Rice, have vetoed any significant escalation of U.S. involvement in Syria, the officials said.

“Rice is the fly in the ointment,” said a person familiar with the internal debate.

Obama himself has long been reluctant to deepen U.S. involvement in the war, saying last October that Washington would not get drawn into a "proxy war" with Moscow. His administration has focused more on pressing the fight against the militant Islamic State group, which controls a swathe of northeastern Syria.

Prince, Grammy Awards

US Suicides up 25%

Report: Third of Suicides in US Are Among Middle-Aged Whites - ABC News
U.S. suicide rates up, especially for women -

Obama in UK

Barack Obama visit: Stick with EU, US president urges UK - BBC News
The Latest: Queen greets Obamas at castle in low-key fashion - The Washington Post
London Mayor Boris Johnson Slams President Obama's 'Brexit' Position - ABC News
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'Multiple people found dead' at home in Ohio - BBC News
Multiple fatalities at Ohio, media reports say seven dead | Reuters
Multiple victims in rural shootings east of Cincinnati
Girl, 16, Dies After Fight in a High School Restroom in Delaware -
Girl dies after fight at Delaware high school -
Police bust minivan filled with over 300 pounds of pot | Fox News Video

FBI pays 1.4M for Apple Hack

FBI pays highest ever fee to hack iPhone of San Bernardino shooter | News | DW.COM | 22.04.2016
FBI Paid More Than $1 Million for Help Hacking San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone - ABC News
FBI paid over $1M to unlock San Bernardino attacker's iPhone | Fox News Video


Migrant flow from Turkey to Greece picking up again: IOM | Reuters
Brussels bomber Laachraoui 'guarded IS Syria hostages' - BBC News
ISIS Ex-Hostages Identify Brussels Suicide Bomber as Captor -
Former al-Qaida hostage recounts bitter return to France - The Washington Post
Hear someone insult Erdogan? Report it to us, says Turkish consulate in the Netherlands. - The Washington Post


Donald Trump 'promises to change image' - BBC News
Is Clinton's tone towards Sanders softening? | Fox News Video

Middle East

Islamic State mines kill dozens of civilians returning to Ramadi | Reuters
Deadly airstrikes hit Syria′s Aleppo as ceasefire unravels | News | DW.COM | 22.04.2016
Syrian peace talks limp on to next week with opposition absent | Reuters
Frozen Life in Wartime Syria -
Turkish streets 'turned into battlefields' -


No chance of NATO expansion for years, U.S. ambassador says | Reuters
Belarus Criminalizes Participation In Military Operations Abroad
Russia Elects Retired Police Chief as Human Rights Ombudsman


Prince's Autopsy Begins to Determine Cause of Death - ABC News
Prince Found Dead: Singer and Pop Icon Was 57 | E! Online Mobile
Inside Prince's Private World: The Man Behind the Legend From Those Who Knew Him | E! Online Mobile
TMZ reports Prince may have overdosed days before death | Fox News Video
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Other News

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